Monday, November 12, 2012

Business Benefits of Brand Building On Social Media

 Author: Suraj Arukil 
 About the Author: CEO/Founder of Nuvento ( a technology firm that specializes in Business Intelligence and Software Architecture.)

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In the last blog I discussed about what is brand building, why its necessary and how it has evolved with time. Now we will discuss about what an organisation can expect out of brand building initiatives.

1.Constructs An Identity: Branding ones products and services creates a unique business identity. A distinctive brand name, tagline and jingle will separates you from your competitors and establish inimitable qualities, values and features that your organization stands for.

2.Guides Consumer Choice: Clear distinctions help your audience to single you out and choose over others to satisfy their needs. You become their preferred choice who they trust and rely on.

3.Garners Loyalty and Credibility: Once a consumer has picked you and is satisfied with your brand, he is likely to choose you the next time and most likely, every other time in future. And I think a credible brand – one that behaves and does what it claims to do – is always well appreciated and accepted quickly by quality-seeking customers.

4.Propels Organizational Growth and Equity: A well-recognized and successful brand accommodates easy market entry for your organization’s other related products/ services. And the best part according to me is that it increases your equity when you are considering a merger or acquisition.

I mentioned in the last post how organizations are exploring new avenues, especially social media for building their brands. The statistics say the same story as 50 percent of small business owners report that they gained their customers via social networks, the most popular ones being LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook1. Isn’t that amazing?

I truly believe that social networking sites are the new tools of brand building. Here are some of the advantages of using social media for branding –

1. Offers Multiple Engagement Windows: You can engage actively with audiences by generating and sharing quality content on different social pages as it creates a wider reach and strengthens the brand. This, I believe is one of the best way to increase ROI.

2. Promotes Loyalty: Effective branding on social sites builds a valuable customer base. Customer recommendations will not only promote brand loyalty but also influence purchase decisions.

3. Increases Traffic: Social networking pages are extremely helpful in driving traffic to your website and increase your ROI.

So you see, as Blair Entenmann, President of Marketing Help! puts it, social branding is an investment in your business that will continue to pay back on itself as your company grows and expands. However, organizations should note that brands can be successfully built on social networks only through exceptional customer service and effective customer engagement on a continual basis. Branding on social media should be crafted in the manner that it is aimed at serving the customers first and selling products later.


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