Sunday, May 26, 2013

Social Media for Artists and Fans, Social Media Analytics for Films and Production Houses

Friday is just round the corner and that means a slew of films are slated for release. As film buffs around the world get ready to savour the performances of their favourite actors and works of their favourite directors, they, do not realise how important a role they are playing in this age of social media analytics.

As social media gets accepted and endorsed as a vital technological assistance in film distribution and marketing, entertainment houses are slowly discovering the Predictive Analysis capabilities of social media analytics tools with regard to opening day sales and box-office performance based on the sentiments and vibe surrounding their film on the social channels.

While social channels allows actors, producers, script-writers, lyricists to connect and engage with their loyal fan base, it also helps fans turn into critics and reviewers by allowing them to give their instantaneous verdict for every film they watch through real-time tweets and Face book posts. Review forums, discussion boards and YouTube comments are also other social spaces that movie goers use excessively to tell the world how much they liked or disliked a movie, its actors, storyline, music, dialogues and everything else. 

So you see, in the wake of such heightened usage of social media by the consumers of films and motion pictures, it becomes imperative even for production houses to rely on social media analytics in order to explore, understand and extract the right piece of useful information from tons of social media data and further use that useful information to make the right business impacting decisions. 

Advanced and big data competent social media analytic tool like Shout Analytics helps entertainment houses to predict trends, activities and behaviors using cutting edge predictive analysis and sentiment analysis techniques. Shout Analytics makes possible precise social media monitoring and management, gathers actionable insights from the film and entertainment industry to equip you with critical business intelligence to reduce financial risks, discover newer avenues for investment and multiply profits across production, distribution, promotion and marketing.  

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