Monday, August 19, 2013

Go by Analytics to get easy social reviews for your brand

Positive social media reviews can do wonders for brand reputation. Knowing this well, brand marketers strive to promote whatever positive mentions and reviews about their brands.But, did you know that there is an easier way to ensure that your brand gets maximum social reviews? The key as always is deeper customer engagement. Here are the top 3 ways to achieve this:

1)  Great content

Give your audience and fans plenty of interesting content to talk about. Give them opportunities to share your content on every social channel that you want to target. Urge and persuade them to say what they think about it. This way, you are not only engaging well with your audience but also ensuring that they say good things about you to their followers.

Never hesitate to apologize for unsatisfactory service that a customer complains about. Acknowledging your shortcomings will not cause any harm to your brand, but instead will help you score more brownie points over your competitors. And there’s a fair chance that the unsatisfied customer will rave about how quickly you resolved his problem on a review platform. Now, isn’t that good for your brand?

2) Great experience

It’s not just enough if you post great content for your social audience. It’s also equally important to offer them great experiences. Every visit to your social pages must be something to cherish and look forward to. The onus is on the brand’s marketing team to transform every social channel that the brand is utilizing into a destination for its audience.

Give your audiences something to take along every time they pay you a visit – this could be a small incentive, discounts, special offers, tips etc. Thank them for their patronage and generously share their content.

3) Great Relationship

If you practice the above two methods, you are sure to build great relationships with your fans, audience and influencers. This should ensure you positive social mentions and good reviews, even during a time of crisis.Another important aspect here is to harness the power of your influencers. Even a casual post or tweet saying something extremely positive about your brand can propel the brand’s standing.

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