Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Is Your Brand More Human? Reveal With Social Media Analytics...

 Author: Suraj Arukil 
About the Author: CEO/Founder of Nuvento ( a technology firm that specializes in Business Intelligence and Software Architecture.)
Is your company having a fan page on Facebook or a presence on other social media channels, which is an integral part of your online brand marketing strategies? Your prompt answer may be yes but indeed you may fumble when you are asked about whether your brand has more interactive human characteristics and personality traits. However, brand marketing circles around the ideas of customer retention and engagement but talking about your products and services all the time does not give you an edge on social intelligence.

Additionally, people attach, engage and respond more in terms of relationships build on a person to person basis over social media and at this stage you cannot be just talking about your products and services. As of today’s business environment, companies and entrepreneurs are connecting to the customers with a more human approach for a better social media engagement and stay on track which every brand must necessarily do.

Let’s say if there is a situation like the national cricket team is in the world cup finals and you are only talking about your products and services, then seldom anybody pays an attention on you. However, at the same time the brands engaging customers with a more human approach on the current emotional environment gain mass attention as well as enhanced public image. 

How you make your online brand promotion more Human?

Assign human traits : Humans are social beings by nature and they prefer to relate themselves to living people. Brands need to assign human traits to their social media accounts by humanizing their profiles and drop down formal approaches towards the customers. Upload a celebrity photo to the social media and post contents that talk about matters of common interest.

Gaining the public interest : While implementing your social media strategies, the common question that you need to ask yourself is whether your brand promotion on social media include fun aspects or not. Moreover, the fun aspects of brand promotion over social media channels are something that drives people to get involved into interesting online activities related to the brand. Allowing people to participate in online contests and public events of the brand earns you a lot of positive public feedback and attention.  

Adding sense of Humor  : When we are talking about a human approach, then human emotions cannot be excluded. The undeniable aspect of touching the emotional sentiments of your customers is a positive step for adding value to your brand. Moreover, emotional personality traits aligned with sense of humor allows your customers to emotionally attach to your brand promotion activities over social media channels.

Social media analytics can help organizations to succeed in their online marketing strategies along with a more human approach. Fortunately, organizations can monitor the social media channels for figuring out the positive brand sentiments and filter out the positive conversations about the brand. Hence accordingly brands can evolve with a more human approach and involve the customers along with their sentiments.

Shout Analytics is one such unique patent pending solution that organizations can proactively use to monitor the progress of their online marketing strategies on social media. Shout Analytics gathers useful information, with its analysis modules like predictive and sentiment analysis, allows the organizations to monitor the customer sentiments and understand their brand perception.

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