Friday, December 7, 2012

Social Media Analytics: An Unique Solution To Filter Noise From Social Data

 Author: Suraj Arukil 
 About the Author: CEO/Founder of Nuvento ( a technology firm that specializes in Business Intelligence and Software Architecture.)

In my earlier posts I tried to explain how social media analytics helps you to carefully listen to the conversations surrounding your brand’s activities and carry out an appropriate analysis. Additionally, I also discussed how can you find and engage with prospective customers. However, tracking social media platforms allows organizations to improve their brand value followed by the resourceful insights with the help of social media monitoring.
Consumers take decisions based on the nature of the conversations happening over a specific brand’s products and services. These mass conversations even portray wide variety of responses which could be either positive or negative and even are neutral at various occasions. Fortunately, social media is one such platform in the current market where organizations can hang out to look for their sought out answers on their brand’s performance. 
As of today, people are promptly responding to and sharing their views about every new and existing trends, products and services over social media. Thus, social media plays a vital role which is more than just being a mere platform of conversation and networking to a platform where organizations can receive valuable insights about the consumer responses.
Importance of Filtering Noise
Let me consider an example of Microsoft Corporation launching the Windows 8 Operating system in order to receive a better understanding on this subject. Before launching the new Windows 8 operating system in the market, Microsoft Corporation released the beta version of it. The main purpose behind this step was to incorporate the received customer feedback for an improved customization of its complete version. 

In such a significant juncture of business oriented steps, even an established organization like Microsoft Corporation would look out for a solution where it can get all the relevant scores of the consumer responses. However technically at this stage social media analytics stands out as the best option for being a solution in such an instance for different organizations.
Role of Social Media Analytics
Now the real question is, how one can separate the relevant and useful information out of the voluminous amount of social big data shared over social media? This is the scenario where social media analytics come into the picture for helping organizations and individuals compute the relevancy scores. In an instance like the Launch of the trial version of Windows 8 by Microsoft Corporation, people will be conversing over this version in the form of likes, sharing and commenting. 

At this instance social media analytics separate these relevant conversations on the brand from the extensively voluminous traffic of various conversations over numerous arrays of social media platforms. 
Shout Analytics is a unique patent pending solution that assists organizations to understand and engage with audience over social media. It provides resourceful insights like demographic data, social mentions, trends, etc. These insights help organizations to figure out the market responses.
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