Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are You Struggling To Identify Your Prospective Customers? Explore Social Media as an Option

 Author: Suraj Arukil 
About the Author: CEO/Founder of Nuvento ( a technology firm that specializes in Business Intelligence and Software Architecture.)

The current business environment is changing and for every business organization the most important and critical job is to identify their prospective customers.  Moreover the ever evolving and dynamic business environment has made the job such difficult that any organization would face problems in implementing the marketing strategies while identifying their potential customers.

I would say the basic reason behind the struggle of organizations  in defining  their prospective customers is their inability to filter them out from a large base of the target audience.  However the real question is out of the whole large scale of a target audience who really stand out as the prospective customers.

The prospective customers are the particular section of the market to which the brand successfully reaches out with reduced marketing efforts, less degree of engagement and less sales cycle conversation.  Moreover less engagement efforts that trigger relevant conversation with the target audience gives a brand, an edge in the competitive market of products and services. However with the help of social media you can identify and engage your customers and increase the level of your brand building initiatives.

Ways to Find Your Prospective Customers

•Your awareness matters a lot when you are looking for your prospective customers. Concentrate more on the social media platforms like Facebook where your prospective customers spend most of their online time. 
•As watching videos online for longer times is increasing every year, this provides the marketer a chance to engage the prospective customers by producing entertainment and brand educational videos.
•Mobile optimized website activity is going to significantly change the ways by which the smart marketers engage their customers.

I always emphasize that social media is all about conversation rather than just being a medium of broadcast. Moreover by analyzing the social data of your prospective customers you can figure out their requirements as per the provisions of your products and services. However organizations which can successfully implement a marketing strategy based on the social media data of the target audience and engage them accordingly are socially intelligent.

Social media analytics come into the picture when brands strategize to target a section of audience on the social media platform. Moreover social media analytics provide resourceful insights into the existing customer’s levels of brand satisfaction as well as filter out the demographics of the prospective customers. With the help of social media analytics an organization can effectively predict the actions and behavior of existing and prospective customers and evolve with a marketing strategy accordingly.

Nuvento Systems Private Limited has developed a unique social media analytics platform “Shout Analytics” that can prove helpful to the organizations to be successful with their brand building initiatives. Shout Analytics gathers relevant and useful information with its specific analysis modules like predictive and sentimental analysis, which allows the organization to monitor the customer sentiments and understand their brand perception.

To know more about Shout Analytics, write to us at info@shoutanalytics.com

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