Monday, January 14, 2013

Anatomize Your Social Media for better Business

Social media in business is no longer a choice. It has revolutionized the business world to an extent where it has become very difficult to ignore or work without it. As I have discussed about social media and its demand in the corporate fields in my earlier blogs, today I would like to add something more to this. It may be any field- health, banking, science or the IT- social media always has something new for us.

Social media has proved itself right in generating leaders, developing scales, better customer support, good communication and many other things. We can say that adopting social media for any kind of business can never be a disaster. Apart from this there are other elements an entrepreneur should know to improve their business through social media.
Which are the areas to be concentrated to build good business?

●As an entrepreneur it is significant to craft your social media budget. What I mean by this is- every business has limited resources for social network analysis, estimate this and work accordingly. Make use of available free social media monitoring tools and accomplish what your objective asks for.
●Resources and employees are essential for all organizations, but it is more crucial to have the employees who are passionate about mining social media. Hence, try and get a clear picture of your employees about their work experience, how they utilize their skills and knowledge, their interests and other elements in order to maintain the smooth flow of work.
●Adding to what I said above, it would be meaningful if you know who your customers are. Once we develop a product and promote it, there is a need to understand how customers react to it- whether in a positive way or in a negative way. When this is done, use the data and respond to your customers.
●Apart from these, it is also vital to pay attention to your clients. With the help of customer data and the social media get a clear picture of your client, as to what they want and when they want it. Also make sure about your search engine visibility through effective social media marketing strategy. 

As I said in the beginning, we have come a long way with social media. It is unimaginable for us to eliminate it from our workplaces. As a CEO or leader you need to create a vision of what social media looks like for your entire organization, just like an architect has a model of the building that he is going to construct. It is not only important to realize the effects of social media but it is also highly essential that we should be able to measure its output through social media analytic tools.

Shout Analytics is one such latest social media analysis product that empowers organizations to use the virtue of social media to adequately understand, monitor and engage with its customers. It provides resourceful insights like demographic data, social mentions, trends, etc. with the help of which organizations can thrive in their social media strategy supported business.

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