Thursday, January 17, 2013

Analytic tool elevates your social media listening & engagement to the next level

In my previous posts, I had shared my views on how social media can help in generating sales and how one can filter noise from social big data with the help of social media analytics. However, in the current environment just plunging into social media does not help an organization. Without a convincing policy on how to direct your social media monitoring tools to have a better impact for meeting your business purposes, your social media effort will not succeed.

Today, the process of adopting social media has evolved from standards based on assumptions to a well strategized policy based on relevant information. Additionally, your brand’s social media engagement activities over the social networks have to be streamlined with your top business priorities without the consumption of your much valuable time. Moreover, it has become a matter of utmost importance that businesses take their social media objectives to the next level supported by a well strategized use of the social media analytics.

The Corporate Oriented Approach Prior to the Use of Social Media Analytics
·         Focusing on your business objectives along with your engagement team is the most important factor before you start using social media monitoring tools. The business goals of an organization should be clearly defined to its Engagement team as it is vital for them to work with a long term plan in accordance with the purpose of their social media engagement.
·         It is a very significant aspect that you choose and assign people in listening to and engaging customers over social media who are committed towards the organization’s social media objectives. No matter how much social media analytic tools are capable of providing you with the correct insights that allow you to engage with the customers, it is the people who are behind the success of your social media engagement.
·         The power of your social community, prospective customers and influencers is very crucial to your social media engagement objectives. Moreover, directly engaging them with an effective strategy depends upon the kind of data you are seeking from the analytic tools. Make sure that your search criteria are refined in such a way that it narrows the results according to the functionalities of your chosen social media analytic tools. 

Social media analytic tools play an important role in terms of assisting organizations to implement a successful social media engagement strategy. Social media analytics with their various modules can help in computing relevancy scores filter out the demographics of customers and understanding the brand sentiments. However, it is very necessary to implement the correct approach to optimize the benefits that they can provide to the organizations.

Shout Analytics is a cutting edge social media monitoring and analysis platform that enables companies to use the power of social media to understand, monitor and engage with its customers and prospects. Gathering relevant and useful information with its specific analysis modules like predictive and sentimental analysis Shout Analytics provides organizations with a solution to their social media engagement objectives.
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