Thursday, January 17, 2013

B2B: Is Social Media Monitoring An Advantage?

In a business-to- business marketing, is social media monitoring an advantage? With the world booming with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, I strongly believe that social media plays a major role and has a great advantage in B2B marketing.

As I have discussed certain matters on social media in my previous blogs, I would like to add some more aspects, as to how really social media monitoring is beneficial to B2B marketing. What I feel is, there is a perception that social media is best suited for business-to-customer marketing rather than business-to-business marketing this is because the success stories given for B2C is more than B2B, but this does not mean that B2B marketing in social media has flopped. In B2B marketing, social media is very much used to generate awareness and also to strengthen your brand.

As a B2B marketer, one should minimize guessing and should concentrate on monitoring, what I mean by this is, by monitoring social media networks, you can better understand where conversations are taking place, you can understand your customers’ needs, wants, issues, frustrations and integrate these findings into your marketing strategies.. Moreover, a good B2B marketer is one who makes use of the social media monitoring tools that best helps you track the relevant discussions and conversations.

Elements to master social media monitoring for better B2B marketing

●     Understanding Customers: It is very important to understand the insights of your customer’s needs as well as their problems. For example, if your customer is finding difficult to trace the product information. It is important for you to enhance your website navigation, reorganize content or create additional content to make product literature more accessible. Similarly, it is important to know your customers online behavior also. 

Develop Content: As a B2B marketer it is highly essential to develop and share remarkable content in order to connect with your customer’s prospects and to drive them to the company’s website. However, target your content and communication based on the individual’s role and explain why your product is best and how it helps them increase their business?

●     Capital Exchange: Whether making a purchase decision for our self or for our company, we are still humans, It is a true intuition, that institutes invest heavily on these social media networks. In order to build a great business, a true and a successful marketing strategy that brings more benefits with less usage of its company’s resources is very much needed. Whatever it is, business buyers don’t stop being humans, when they step in for the day as managers, developers, or as owners.

Social media Analytic tools is beneficial for your business, as it monitors social conversations in different social media networks at different levels. For example, it gives a detailed report as to where and when? The conversation is taking place or had taken place. With the social media monitoring tool the organization can easily identify who is talking about their products and brands, either in a positive or in a negative way.

Shout Analytics is an exclusive social media monitoring and analysis component that helps your organization to use social media in understand, advise, supervise and guide your customers. Our self-service social media platform provides social media interaction across sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Blogs. It also develops and assists the organization to achieve successful business.

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