Monday, June 24, 2013

Key Social Media Influencers: How They Can Help Your Brands

One of the key to successful social media marketing is finding your key social media influencers. Such influencers are those people in your product/service community who are widely followed and liked for their opinions. Others (read your audience) believe and trust the influencers. They are the person to rely on when it comes to useful information on issues and news related to your product or service. Since the influencers are considered as a sort of subject-matter-experts by their social community or communities, what they say and do often serves as a “guide” to others.

Importance of Influencers:
Digital marketers must take influencers seriously because of their sheer ability to influence others. As I mentioned earlier, these people have an innate quality or rather ability to get people to do things the way they do it. What they say and what they do influences their followers in such a way that they trust these influencers for getting appropriate, authentic information related to products and purchasing decisions.
Identifying influencers:
Use the common characteristics listed below, to identify the right influencers for your business
·         Influencers are involved actively in various movements and endorse a lot of public causes.
·         They nurture an extensive social network(s).
·         They are looked up to and impactful and have a large number of followers.
·         They are active members of several varied groups
·         They are Trendsetters: influencers tend to be early adopters (or leavers) in markets

How are they useful to your business?

·         They endorse you – others endorse you too.
·         They trust your product – others do the same
·         They recommend your product – others will buy it
·         They review/ vote your product – others will trust it, use it to choose your product over your competitors
·         They share your product news – others get to know about you.

To sum up, influencers are people who have the strength in their thoughts, ideas and opinions to influence others. Social media marketing is all about finding new audience and building an engaging and trustful relationship with them. As influencers have a wide reach and a strong say in their (or your) communities, social media marketers must take them seriously and must aim to harness the influencers power to influence others, in order to widen the market for your product and also give it more visibility. 

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