Tuesday, July 2, 2013

3 Ways How Your Social Audience Can Help Your Brands Do Better Business

Your social audience is an important part of your social marketing plan. Hence, you keep them in the center
of your brand marketing design and devise plan and strategies to please them, satisfy them and retain them. But did you know that they can also be a source of critical insights for you? And that you can leverage their power (yes, your social audience is very powerful) to do better business?

By carefully listening to your audience’s likes, interests, habits and beliefs, you can glean some insightful and very critical information relating to your brands, services, products and overall business. You can use this information to:

Identify Market Changes

Your business arena is constantly evolving; new players make their foray here every other day and those already existing are diversifying and modifying their business plans. In such a scenario, for you to survive, you must be flexible enough to make changes to your product and services according to the shifts and changes in your market.

And the best person who can give you timely updates about changing market trends is your audience. Because of their genuine interest and passion for products and services that you (and others in your market) offer, your audience will be constantly tracking and responding to the market trends. Listening to their conversations will reveal a lot about what is currently happening in your market.

Measure Brand Reputation

What is the vibe that your audience are exhibiting when they talk about your brands and services? Is it positive, negative or neutral?

Sentiment Analysis can help you to critically examine the success and effectiveness of your customer service initiatives. If your brand constantly sees high negative sentiments, then it means that you need to modify your products and services whereas considerably positive sentiments indicate that all is well with your brands and services.

Revise Marketing Tactics

Social media marketing is all about interesting and useful content that your audience can like and share. If you fail to provide rich and resourceful content, your social marketing efforts will not be successful.

Keeping this in mind, examine what content your audience likes best and provide them with just that. If you find that certain content is always ignored by your audience, then it’s a lesson for you to completely do away with that type of content.

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