Friday, July 19, 2013

5 Types of Social Media Content that Your Audience Like

What types of social media content does your audience expect from you?
If you are one of those brands which struggle with developing social content that is just right for your brand’s audience in spite of having a clearly defined social media strategy in place, then read further. Below are 5 types of content that your audience would love to receive from you – 

     Contests and activities that seeks audience participation:

Your fans and followers love a little challenge here and there, especially if there are monetary or other types of rewards involved. 

      ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ Content:

If you want your audience to regularly visit your social pages and consume your content, then it is absolutely necessary that your contest is worthy of maximum likes and shares. When you create shareable content, you not only create an opportunity for your brand to get more visibility, but also allow your audience to increase their social interactions. 

      Custom Content:

When your brand stands for something, your audience also repeatedly come to your page to get regular product/industry specific updates from you. So give them that a plenty, but keep it simple and varied in nature. Using images, videos and info graphics regularly helps break the monotony of plain text. 


Show them that you are a brand with also has a humane nature. Express your solidarity with global or local events and developments that upholds human values and the general good of all citizens. Pay your homage to victims of tragedies; applaud achievements of sports persons, the armed forces, social workers, extraordinary individuals with extraordinary success stories. 

      Bloopers, humorous content:

This is especially perfect for film and media houses. Your fans always want to know what happens behind the scenes of movies and soaps. Post lots of photos with interesting captions or upload a video of retakes of a particular shot. Non entertainment brands can regularly post content showing how your product is manufactured or developed from scratch.

So, what other types of social media content would your audience like? Tell us in the comments below.

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