Monday, July 29, 2013

Wondering What Content Works Best For Your Brand? Try Sentiment Analysis

Content, they say is, king on social media. The content that you post reflects your brand and its attributes. But how do you know what type of content is best suited for your brand? And also, how do you know what type of content do your customers and social audience wants to receive from you?
Harnessing the power of Social Media Analysis tools and Sentiment Analysis are the best ways to find answers to these questions.

Social media analysis tools allow you to closely monitor the reactions to the content posted on your social channels. Similarly, Sentiment Analysis allows you to analyze those reactions and find out how well a particular type of content is being consumed. Therefore, use these tools to –

Study ‘Likes’ and ‘Favorite’:

Closely monitor your content on the social media and see what gets the most likes and favorites. Is it pictures, posts, blog posts, videos, presentations, info graphics, tweets or status updates? Also find out what qualities in the content did they like the most – witty, attention-grabbing, sober or to-the-point?

Now use Sentiment Analysis and find out what people had to say about the content they liked. Did they call it ‘awesome’ or ‘super like’ or did they say ‘thank you for sharing such a wonderful post’?
Likes and favourites are the first indicators that tell you what content is best for your brand. So leverage this to the maximum.

Monitor ‘Shares’ and ‘Retweets’:

People share something on the social only when they feel that that piece of information is useful to a larger community – their friends, customers, colleagues etc. The same goes with Retweets.

These are indicators that tell you what type of content people would like to receive from your brand so that they can share it with many more people. You can also find out whom among your audience shares and retweets your content the most. This way you also know who your top influencers are.

Which Content Works Best?

While plain text (statements, questions, quotes etc) work just fine, photos and videos are hugely shared. Info graphics are popular too. Make your posts valuable by adding links within it to other interesting articles (human-interesting stories, case studies) or combine it with pictures and videos.

So, once you know what content works well and what doesn't for your brand, go ahead and create lots of amazing, interesting content for your audience.

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