Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Businesses, irrespective of their scale of operations, use social media marketing to drive visitors to their website. However, the real success of these campaigns lies in analyzing and understanding how it impacts and effective your social media marketing efforts were in driving visitors to your site.

Listed below are 5 metrics that will help you measure this:

1. Visitor Bounce Rate:

If you have a large percentage of people who visit your landing page but leave or deviate instantly without reaching their goal (finding relevant information on your website), then your website suffers from high bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the number of people who leave your website too soon, without spending much time on the landing page.
Studying your website’s bounce rate numbers will help you to attract and retain customers more effectively.

2. Visitor Conversion Rate:

If you notice that visitors go beyond the landing page, navigate through various pages and perform desired tasks on the page, it indicates a healthy conversion rate. This refers to the number of people who come to your website with a goal to do a predetermined task and their successful rate in achieving that goal.

3. Visitors’ Time Spend:

Do you have a steady flow of new visitors every day or are you stuck with a group of loyal old customers alone? While your website content should be informative and engaging for your already existing visitors, efforts should also be made to incorporate such content that gets the attention of people hitherto unaware of your site.

Analysing and understanding the visitors’ time spend will help you to take the necessary steps to enhance the content of your site.

4. Click Path:

Do you see a pattern in your site visitors’ navigation? If yes, have you pondered over the reasons behind it? What does it tell about your visitors’ (read customers) behavior? Click Path analysis helps you decipher customer behavior on your site, and find ways to improve it.

5. Keywords and Traffic Sources:

Analyzing which keywords are leading visitors to your site allows you to understand what words/ phrases are used to describe your products and services. Knowing this will help you in your efforts to match the right keywords with your products thereby ensuring greater visibility and top ranks in Google search.

Similarly, studying traffic sources of visitors tells you how they first found you. In other words, it gives you an insight into other online arenas where your site is mentioned. 

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