Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Easy Steps to Build a Brand’s Online Reputation

In my previous post on online reputation, I mentioned why building and maintaining a healthy online reputation is crucial for BFSI and other organizations is in the age of social. Here, I’ll tell you how you can add credibility to your online reputation in three easy steps, and how social media analytics can help you boost your online reputation.

Step 1 – Develop and Post Great Content:
If you want your audience to say good things about your brand, then you must start a ‘good’ conversation. Say nice things (read interesting, useful and likeable social media content) and your audience will surely appreciate it and share it with their social network.

Step 2 – Engage Well With Your Audience:
Customer engagement is vital for your brand’s online reputation.  Therefore, ensure that the methods of brand engagement are ingenious too. Having posted creative, resourceful content, ask your audience to comment on it. Urge them to participate in contests, games, polls and quizzes and when they do, thank them generously for their interest and enthusiasm. Also, reward them with discount coupons and vouchers, special mentions and surprise gifts et al.

The bottom line is – go that extra mile to truly make customer engagement a pleasurable experience for both you and your audience. When your audience notices that you are making an honest effort to reach out to them, they will respect you, regard you highly, remember you and reciprocate the goodwill.

Step 3 – Take Bouquets and Brickbats Equally:
Let’s face it – in spite of your best efforts at building a good customer relationship, not all of them are going to be your loyalists or fans. For every satisfied and happy customer you would have an equal number or perhaps more unsatisfied customers. However, don’t sideline then. Instead, welcome and accept their criticism too.

When you see a complaint posted on the social media against your product/service/brand, acknowledge it and work to solve the issue at the earliest. If you are unable to resolve it, apologize.  Honesty and transparency on the social does wonders for your brand’s online reputation.

Having said that, a question still persists – how to effectively implement the above steps? The answer lies in social media analytics tools.

SMA tools like Shout Analytics effectively enhance your brand’s online reputation. Using these tools you can monitor, measure and analyze your customers’ conversations on the social and gather rich, actionable insights about your brand’s online reputation.

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