Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Social Content Marketing Is Incomplete Without Social Analytics

As social is all about sharing and talking about interesting content, brands across are the globe are going out of their way to make their social channels the destination for interesting, valuable, inspiring and clever content. Little wonder then that Content Marketing is currently the ‘in-thing’.
Content marketing revolves around some of these fundamental principles. Heather Healey, an award winning digital strategist lists four such steps:

      1.Set definite goals for your brand’s content marketing, being very clear about what you want to achieve through your social content.
      2.Know your audience well and find out what kinds of content they expect.
      3.Develop content concepts in accordance with your objectives and brand values. 
      4. Get down to creating that content.

While these four steps form the core of a brand’s content marketing strategy, I believe that there is another very crucial step – analytics.

Social media analytics answer the million dollar question that every content marketer asks – are my efforts yielding the right and desirable results? Is content marketing giving me a favourable ROI? Through its advanced sentiment, trend prediction and competition analysis features; it strengthens your content marketing efforts in the following ways:

        a)  Sentiment Analysis:
Your social content is for your audience’s consumption. Hence, it is very important to know their likes, needs and preferences about it. Use Social Media Analytics (SMA) tools to find how positively or negatively are your audience are reacting to your content. Use this input to develop an audience centric content strategy

        b) Predictive Analysis:
Predictive analytics helps content marketers to closely keep track of the recurring and emerging trends in their customer behavior and devise content strategies based on those trends

       c)   Competitor Analysis:
How well are your competitors faring on the social? What are their content strategies? What type of content do they post and how much audience engagement does it create? Competitor analytics answers these questions for you; helping you to effectively beat your competitors.

       d)   Monitor and Measure:
SMA tools monitor your audience’s social conversations and measure it for audience sentiment, the content’s engagement rate, and of course it’s Share of Voice.
In summary, while good content strategy is essential for effective content marketing, content analytics ensures that your content marketing efforts are successful and profitable. SMA tools provide content marketers actionable insights that help them make rapid and instantaneous adjustments to their strategies. 

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