Monday, August 26, 2013

How successful Your Social Media Efforts Are? Find Out Using Social Media Analytics.

What does optimal social media engagement mean to your brand?

It is true that likes, shares, retweets, and number of fans are all factors indicating that people interested in your product/service are coming to your social page(s), spending time and doing some kind of an activity there. However, do these numbers tell you how many of those people who spent time on your page went on to actually become your customers?

Well, Social Media Analytics (SMA) tools tell you this. In fact, using these tools businesses can now know precisely; and how well positioned their social media engagement efforts are. Other benefits of these tools include the following:

1. Measure and Monitor Your Social Footsteps:

While the number of fans and followers you have is pretty obvious on your social page, using Social Media Analytics tools, you can analyze how much and how successful has your brand’s reach been on the social media. Based on this, you can widen your target market and reach out to more prospective customers, thus enabling you to measure and at the same time increase your social footsteps.

2. Gauge Your Share of Voice, Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation:

A few thousand likes would be an indicator that your products are growing in popularity. But, if organisations want to go beyond the number of likes and know how their brand’s/ product’s social reputation, brand awareness or Share of Voice (the amount of social conversations that their brand/product is generating as compared to their competitors) is affecting their business, then they have to rely on effective Social Media Analytics tools that measure, analyze and simplify these game changing factors.

3. Quantify the ROI of Your Social Engagement Efforts:

When organizations are setting aside huge amounts of money exclusively for their social media marketing, it is imperative for organizations to also keep track if the money spent has yielded the desired business success or not. Social Media Analytics tools assist social-conscious organizations to do just that. By allowing marketers to break down the success rate of customer engagement initiatives into precise numbers, these analytics tools helps organizations in quantifying the success of their social media engagement efforts. 

What do you think are the other benefits of Social Media Analytics tools in optimizing social media efforts of brands? Share your thoughts in the comments below. To learn more about Shout Analytics’ social media analytics capabilities, write to us at

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