Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are You Happy With Your Social Media Monitoring Tool?

Why do businesses need to measure their social media efforts?

Well, if you look at it from a simple business perspective, then, you measure your social media efforts because you want to know for sure if the thousands of dollars that you spend on your social media marketing are yielding the desired, profitable yields or not. You have strategies and goals for social marketing, and the only way to find out whether those strategies have been successful and whether the goals have been met, is by measuring and analyzing your social media efforts.

And yet, you are not fully satisfied with their social media measurements, are you? You feel that somewhere, something is missing and you are not getting a complete picture. Well, you are likely to face this problem if you are stuck with a social media monitoring tool that does only a few of the several key functions of social monitoring or analytics.

In fact, what businesses actually need is a single comprehensive social media monitoring and analytics tool that monitors, measures, analyzes and provides critical business intelligence through actionable insights. Shout Analytics is one such sophisticated social media monitoring and analytics tool that offers businesses the best of both monitoring and analytics, including Sentiment Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Competitor Analysis and Intent Analysis.


Shout Analytics allows businesses to measure the following critical metrics of social media marketing success:

1.Rate of Engagement:
Shout Analytics helps you find out how well your audience is appreciating and participating in your social engagement efforts. Apart from measuring ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, you will also be able to see the conversion
rate of prospects into customers.

      2.Share of Voice:
Find out the extent of social mentions and social conversations your brand generates as compared to your competition and explore the reasons behind it.

      3.Lead Generation:
Know precisely how much of traffic is referred to your website via social media. Also, learn how effective or ineffective your social pages have been in generating leads for your business.

      4.Sentiment Analysis:
Monitor and analyze correctly the sentiment surrounding your brand and products. Get insights pinpointing the reasons for positive, negative and neutral sentiments.

      5.Predictive Analytics:
Take control of future events likely to happen in your industry. Learn how present behaviours could lead to future trends and get your brand readied for challenges of the future.

This is not all. To learn everything about how Shout Analytics can help you in your social media monitoring and measuring efforts, write to us at info@shoutanalytics.com

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