Monday, August 26, 2013

Top 3 Ways How Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Boosts Social Media Marketing

Is social media marketing only about aggressively selling products on the social or only limited to garner the maximum number of likes and fans? 

As someone who believes strongly in the business intelligence  of the social, I would say that brand marketers must explore and exploit social media for gaining actionable marketing insights. And if there is one trusted way to do this, it would be using social media monitoring and analytics tools.

Here are 3 ways in which Social Media Analytics tools can boost social media marketing:

Pick the Right Marketing Channel(s):

While your brands may be active on more than one social channel, it is extremely essential for the marketing team to know which social channel is best suited for achieving the brand’s business goals. Social media monitoring and analytics tools help you answer this question by correctly monitoring and analyzing your success rates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. 

Measure ROI:

I have said this repeatedly – social content drives social engagement and such sustained engagement eventually materializes into successful sales. While social media allows marketers to do this easily, they can rely on social media monitoring and analytics tools to measure and gain insights from the engagement levels of their content to know if they are posting the right content or not. 

Also, through clear, in-depth analysis, these tools give insightful reports and inform organizations what their ROI, their social media marketing have been.

Convert Probable Customers Into Loyal Customers: 

While marketers are already successfully promoting and selling products on the social, wouldn’t it be great if they could zero-in on just the right prospects for their products? 

Social media monitoring and analytics tools help brand managers to list specific keywords related to their products, monitor the social channels for their mentions and frequency of mentions. Plus, with sentiment analysis and predictive analysis capabilities, the social media analytics tools accurately signals to the marketers what their customers want and expect from a product like theirs.

This critical information guides the marketing and sales team to target the right prospects, nurture them over time through greater engagement, build a strong relationship through exemplary tailor-made services and successfully convert probable customers into loyal customers.

Have you sensed the need for social media analytics for your marketing efforts on social media? Share your views in the comments below. To know how Shout Analytics can help boost your social media marketing, write to us at

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