Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Use Advanced Social Media Analytics for Better Customer Profiling

Here is an interesting illustration that I came across in –

The website attributes this graphic to David Dorf, Senior Director of Technology Strategy, Oracle. This illustration explains how Social Media Analytics (SMA) tools play a crucial role in Customer Profiling.
Businesses have a lot to gain from customer profiling. When you know for sure which of your customers are the perfect fit for your products and services or when your customer service decisions are backed by accurate insights on which customer expects what or when your marketing and sales team has valuable info matching every customer’s needs and wants with your product/ services features, then your brand is well set for making outstanding customer service as your forte.

For those businesses that are serious about strengthening their relationship with their social audience, SMA tools provide just the right solution for quick but accurate customer profiling.
Advanced social media analytics tool like Shout Analytics can help your brands in the following areas of customer profiling:

            1.  Psychographics:
Using social media analytics tools, you can learn in-depth about your customer’s demographics and understand well their likes, interests, desires and opinions.

            2.  Influencers:
SMA tools help you find out who among your audience are the most influential ones. Knowing the key influencers in your industry will enable you to target them effectively. Riding on the wave of good reviews and positive comments by the key influencers, your brand can expand its reach and increase its social reputation.

3.  Viral Marketing:
These two are direct results of having influential influencers for your brand. As I said earlier, when your brand’s influencers spread the word about your brand to their audience and from them to more audience, what your brand experiences is viral marketing at no extra cost.

            4. Personalization and Crowd sourcing:
As more people become your customers and use your products, they will come forth to tell you what features of your brand must improve or change. Through SMA tools, you can use these customer ideations to create products and services of their choice, and even make personalized offers personalized exclusively for them; the way they like it.

How important is customer profiling for your business? Tell us in the comments below. To know how Shout Analytics can help in this direction, write to us at

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