Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Features to Look For In a Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Tool?

As a business organization that is quite serious about its social presence and social media marketing efforts, you know that your business must harness the power of Social Media Monitoring and Analytics (SMM & SMA) tools. But, how do you zero-in on the best SMA tool available? Here are a few pointers that will help you decide this.

Look for these essential features in a SMA tool –

Monitoring and Measuring Capabilities:
One of the most crucial and basic rules of good social media marketing is listening to your customers and audience. The SMA tool that you choose must be able to assist you in effectively listening to your customer conversations, monitor it for negative and positive vibes for or against your brand, measure and quantify it to help you understand what those conversations mean for your brand’s success.

Competitor Analysis Capabilities:
Competition on social is cut-throat. To beat your competition on social, you must be empowered with a SMA tool that would help you analyze your brand’s position against your competitors through metric like Share of Voice, Social Mentions, and Rate of Engagement et al.

Sentiment Analysis and Predictive Analysis Capabilities:
You may have a successful business, but do you know how successful your brand is on the social media? Do you know how your customers react to your brand’s social media efforts? These are critical questions that are detrimental to your brand’s social reputation and overall success.
Hence, when choosing a social media monitoring and analytics tool for your business, always pick one that has the best to offer in terms of Sentiment and Predictive Analytics capabilities.

Reporting Capabilities:
Go for a SMA tool which will provide you with simple, yet detailed, summarized and insight-laden reports about your brand’s social standing. Through graphs, charts and illustrations, these reports must simplify the data gathered about your brand’s social standing through social listening, measuring and monitoring.

Help and Support:
Some of the best SMA tools are those that are easy to set up and user accessible – from the CEO and Market Researcher to the Community Manager. Similarly, find out if the vendors offer continued and periodic help and support post set-up for product introduction, troubleshooting and other related technicalities.

Our product, Shout Analytics is one such ideal social media monitoring and analytics tool that is endowed with advanced capabilities and scores high in all the above features.Write to us for business solutions.

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