Monday, January 7, 2013

Use Social Media Analytics To Retain Customers

In my previous posts I mentioned about how social media helps organizations to establish a healthy ground for gaining customer trust which is vital for the retention of the customers who add value to your business. Customer retention can be defined as a dedicated undertaking by an organization for cutting down of customer rejection and defection.  Additionally, when an organization concentrates more on carrying out a responsive customer-centric business, social media intelligence becomes an integral part of its marketing strategies that is essential for retaining customers by igniting their positive brand sentiments

It is not enough for organizations to just accommodate social media into their marketing strategies, instead the social media enabled customer services must be receptive in nature and should augment the ways their brand is promoted. We may use many s m s for our company, but the problem that has been faced is these strategies are not result oriented, hence decreasing the business growth. Additionally, if an organization is able to predict its future performance in the market, then it can also manipulate its present efforts according to the desired levels.

However, social media analytics provide an edge to the organizations using social media to enhance the ways their customer services work.  With the help of social media analytics, business organizations can synchronously deliver positive outputs.
Social media analytics can help organizations to evolve over their social media enabled customer services in many different ways.
      Judging and manipulating your future performance:
Social media analytics with their predictive analysis functionality can help organizations predict their performance in the coming near future based on the current data about the brand’s performance. Additionally, if an organization is able to predict its future performance in the market than it can also manipulate its present efforts according to the desired levels. However, the insights gained on the brand’s current performance in the market over social media, companies can understand the true reasons behind their success and enhance it further as well as modify their strategies once they figure out their mistakes behind their failures. 
     Monitoring your customer sentiments:
It is very critical to judge and monitor the customer perception and sentiments on your brand’s services and products over social media,. Moreover, engaging customers on your social media initiatives is only successful when it is clear about what customers think and converse about the brand. Identifying the prospective customers by figuring out the positive conversations and feedbacks over social media is only possible with an appropriate sentiment analysis carried with the help of social media analytic tools.
      Including the demographic factors :
It is very crucial to have a hold of the accurate demographic data from the social media networks. If companies can figure out which group of audience is conversing more positively on their services and products based on their geographical location or gender, then they can categorize their marketing strategies accordingly and gain an advantage over their competitors in the business. With the help of social media analytics organizations can conduct a full proof demographic analysis and come up with more effective ways of retaining their customers. 

Shout Analytics is a highly refined social media analytics platform that allows organizations to use social networking sites to understand, monitor and reply to customer sentiments. The various intelligent modules present in Shout Analytics allow organizations to monitor trends in customer conversation, customer behavior and brand identity.

To know more about Shout Analytics, write to us at Moreover, social media has an immense potential over conventional approaches on customer services to retain customers by igniting their positive brand sentiments.

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