Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Social Media Analytics – Why Do Businesses Need It?

I came across a Forrester research article which posed a critical question about the difference between social media analytics and social network analysis. Further, this article specifically went on to explain the essential features of social media analytics tools.

To quote the author, James Kobielus, “Social media analytics refers to BI tools – reporting, dashboarding, visualization, search, event-driven alerting, text mining etc. applied to information sourced from social media such as Twitter and Facebook”.

What particularly interested me in Kobielus’ explanation was the fact that he mentioned BI as an essential effect of good social media analytics. We, at Nuvento Systems are constantly working towards improving and enhancing the BI experience for businesses. Our product, Shout Analytics is a modern; cutting–edge social media analytics tool that allows businesses to glean valuable BI through social media.

Volatile global markets and rickety economies mean that businesses now have to pull themselves ahead of their competitors to stay buoyant in their industry. And to them to achieve this, they must don their thinking hats to decide and strategize the road to unfaltering business success. It is in this scenario that BI plays a crucial role. And ever since social media has revolutionized the way business is conducted, it is extremely important for organizations to have that extra edge in the form of BI capabilities.

Shout Analytics facilitates BI through careful listening, active engagement, focused monitoring, precise measurement and tops it with comprehensive analysis of a business’s social media efforts. The rich information laden analysis equips organizations with actionable insights which in turn facilitate organizations to make informed performance/profits affecting business decisions.

These are precisely the characteristics that even Kobielus points out in his article. He says, “The key application of social media analytics is listening to and engaging with customers, and prospects”.

To learn more about Shout Analytics or to find out how we can help your businesses BI needs, write to us at info@shoutanalytics.com

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