Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Effective Customer Analysis Using Social Media Analysis Tools

We, as heads of businesses, acknowledge the fact that our consumers or customers are the real drivers of our success. A high rate of customer satisfaction is vital for the success of our brands/ products and services. And with increased use of the social media, consumers today have an online presence more than ever before and they use the social channels to make purchases, get feedback on a product, review services etc. In other words, a customer’s purchase decision – something that’s so important for our businesses – is now radically influenced by the social media.

In fact, an article by Karthik Sharma in, summarizing a Gartner report, points out that social media is “the most compelling example of how consumerism drives enterprise IT practices.” Of course we realize this, don’t we? That’s why we specially invest in innovative social media strategies and devise social media campaigns. But, while there is no denying that social engagement will take us one step closer to our customers, we still lack in important information relating to the customer’s emotional, social and demographic state, the knowledge of which is so critical to making business decisions in the future.
I believe that organizations can do better business when they productively harness the social data surrounding their brands and products or services. Investing considerable time and effort to analyze and uncover insightful revelations about customers – both existing and potential – can prove extremely useful for your business success. The insightful data gathered from customer analysis can be used to propel superior product development plans, customer relationship management and marketing strategies.
Serving organizations in this end are efficient and highly competitive social media analytics tools which facilitate effective customer analysis using which marketing and customer relationship department heads can:
·         Understand trends in their customers’ purchase habits.
·         Know their customers’ sentiments and attitudes.
·         Identify their brand advocates and key influencers.
·         Monitor and measure their brand reputation and share of voice.

The above insights will assist organizations to:
·         Develop and design specific products that will meet customer requirements.
·         Design accurately targeted marketing campaigns.
·          Foresee negative reaction to products or promotional campaigns
·    Identify causes of customer dissatisfaction and chart strategies for resolving these issues.

Shout Analytics is one such high-end Social Media Analytics platform that enables organizations to perform an effective, efficient and insightful customer analysis for leveraging their business.
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